WINNing Innovation - Worcester


In Summary

16th October 2019 | 17:30 to 20:30

The third WINNing Innovation event will be hosted by Coomber Innovation.

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In Detail

Coomber has 100 years experience designing and building products and now offer a range of services to share their knowledge, experience, and skills with others.

Its Innovation Hub bridges the gap between your initial idea and the final product.

This event will include complimentary refreshments and a tour.

WINN's regular events go 'on tour' to meet innovative local businesses across the county of Worcestershire. The five speakers are from diverse professional backgrounds and share their insights on the key challenges that face innovators. Innovation can sound elitist, but simply put; it just means doing something differently - an opportunity to be inspired, think differently, and gain practical tips to improve your business.


  • 17.30 Welcome Drinks & Networking
  • 18.00 'What Do You Want To Create?' Alan Clark; Exponential Coaching Ltd
  • 18.10 'Five Steps of Innovation' Sharon Chance/Tony Bennett; Coomber Innovation
  • 18.20  'Bridging the Gap between your idea and the Market' Gavin Allen; Glideology
  • 18.30 ‘Innovating the Marketing Message'Ian Woodley; Stilo. Design Branding Digital
  • 18.40 'Bridging the Digital' James Vincent; Hot Source Creative
  • 18.50 Questions & Answers
  • 19.00 Guided Tour
  • 20.00 Close


This event is free.


Coomber Electronic Equipment Limited Norton Worcester Worcester WR5 2DQ