“WINNing Innovation” Hartlebury


In Summary

4th December 2019 | 10:30 to 13:30

Hear from five speakers who will share their insights on the key challenges facing innovators

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In Detail

Innovation can sound elitist, but simply put; it just means doing something differently. An opportunity to be inspired, think differently, and gain practical tips to improve your business.

WINN brings innovators together, and acts as a catalyst, supporting a community of inspirational individuals and dynamic businesses across Worcestershire. Our aim is to develop a reputation for innovation excellence, promoting Worcestershire as the premier location for investment in pioneering technologies.

The speakers will focus on 'Technology Readiness Levels' (TRLs) a method used to determine the maturity of technological innovation. Topics include: mind-set, idea creation, prototype development and commercialisation. 

This worksop will be held at DRP's headquarters in Hartlebury 

  • 10.30 Welcome drinks & networking
  • 11.00 'What Do You Want To Create?' Alan Clark; Exponential Coaching Ltd
  • 11.10 'Five Steps of Innovation' Sharon Chance/Tony Bennett; Coomber Innovation
  • 11.20 'Bridging the Gap between your idea and the Market' Gavin Allen; Glideology
  • 11.30 ‘Innovating the Marketing Message' Ian Woodley; Stilo. Design. Branding. Digital
  • 11.40 'Bridging the Digital' James Vincent; Hot Source Creative
  • 11.50 Questions & answers  
  • 12.00 Lunch & refreshments
  • 12.30 Guided tour


This event is free.


DRPG, Droitwich Road, Hartlebury, Kidderminster, UK

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