Get your business idea off the ground with Worcester Business School’s Summer Startup Bootcamp


In Summary

General | 20th March 2017
Are you a young Worcestershire person with a business concept you’d like to turn into reality? Then Worcester Business School’s forthcoming Summer Startup Bootcamp programme might be just what you need.
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In Detail

Worcester Business School, which is based at the University of Worcester, is currently welcoming applications for its forthcoming Summer Startup Bootcamp.

Taking place from Monday, June 19 to Friday, August 25 at the University of Worcester, the programme is aimed at young people in Worcestershire, with a total of 50 places up for grabs.

Those who are accepted on the course will be provided with dedicated support, designed to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities available to them and start their business.

The ten-week programme is designed to help start-ups:

• Develop skills and techniques to start their business

• Create a knowledge base of available resources

• Develop a plan to launch their idea

• Validate their idea with retail opportunities

• Create an action plan to leverage opportunities within the county

The aim of the programme is to create a local environment in which Worcestershire entrepreneurs can access the knowledge, skills and local professional networks they need to transform a business idea into reality.

By targeting its support at the early stages, Worcester Business School hopes that more start-up businesses will establish a solid basis from which to grow and therefore have a more positive and lasting impact within the Worcestershire community.

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