Have you completed the Business Trends Survey?


In Summary

General | 7th December 2020
Take part and help provide the right business support in your region by completing a short West Midlands survey.

In Detail

West Midlands businesses are being urged to take part in a survey to inform local Growth Hubs on the challenges facing businesses in the area and to help shape the business support provision throughout the region.

The business trends survey, being held by Growth Hubs in the West Midlands, will provide valuable information regarding how the region’s economy is performing and will support the Growth Hub network in informing government on the current trends and issues of business in the West Midlands.

The West Midlands Business Trends Survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete but will provide valuable information about the way the region's economy is performing.

For more information about the purpose of this survey, or any questions regarding Growth Hub support, please call 0300 060 3747 or send an email to support@cwgrowthhub.co.uk