Lights, camera, action for Worcestershire based filmmaker thanks to superfast broadband


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General | 5th June 2017
Independant filmmaker, Redhead Business Films, has transformed the way it does business with superfast broadband

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"As an independent filmmaker living in rural Worcestershire, superfast broadband has transformed the way I do business. I can upload films in minutes. Before upgrading to superfast speeds my films would take hours to upload."

Susan Jones, Owner, Redhead Business Films

Redhead Business Films specialises in bespoke promotional videos, made to television production standards. Established in 2007 by Susan Jones, an award winning filmmaker and previous series producer for ITV Central, Redhead Business Films' two YouTube channels have so far had more than eight million views and have over 3,000 subscribers.

Based in Belbroughton, in rural north Worcestershire, the business upgraded to faster fibre broadband when the technology became available in the area in November 2016 thanks to the Superfast Worcestershire programme.

Susan opted for a service which gives her download speeds of 42Mbps and upload speeds of 9.2Mbps. It is these much faster upload speeds in particular which really matter to Susan’s area of work.

Susan explains: "I can now edit during the daytime and upload as I go, which allows for much more flexibility and far more efficient working. Anyone working in digital media should upgrade to superfast broadband as soon as they can. Superfast broadband has opened new markets for me and is great for creatives working freelance – you don't have to work for a big company or agency in a city – with a fast connection you can work efficiently in a rural location.

"The switch over to superfast broadband was very easy and straightforward. I was immediately blown away with the much faster connection speed. With standard broadband the upload speeds for video were so slow; it would take about four or five hours to upload a film. I would do this in the evenings so that I could work during the day. It now takes about 20 minutes to upload a film – a fraction of the time it used to take.

"Before upgrading to superfast broadband I didn't realise how fast the upload of large files could be. I thought that living in a rural area; I would always have slow speeds. I'm now more confident in the future of my business. The more people that have superfast broadband, the more people will use video online. Having a faster connection opens up a world of connectivity between people and businesses everywhere."

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