Purchase of Sion Hill Middle School site by The Community Housing Group


In Summary

General | 20th February 2018
The site of the former Sion Hill Middle School in Kidderminster has recently been purchased by The Community Housing Group.

In Detail

The school, having laid empty since 2007, has been the target of arson and a high level of anti-social behaviour with repeated break-ins and vandalism. It has been a cause of concern for local residents for some time and the Group now have permission from the Local Authority to demolish the buildings as soon as we receive an ecology licence.

The licence is in place to allow the buildings to be demolished quickly with an ecologist present to ensure that any protected species are identified and preserved during the process.

Ray Brookes, Group Chief Executive for The Community Housing Group commented: “It is an exciting opportunity and will provide up to 59 new homes for the area. We know that residents are keen to see the site developed and planning applications will be submitted later this year once the consultation with them has been completed.”