Speller Metcalfe announces new managing director


In Summary

General | 6th April 2022
Regional contractor and family-run business Speller Metcalfe has announced the appointment of current pre-construction director James Speller to the role of managing director.

In Detail

Founded in 1995 by owners Steve Speller and Andy Metcalfe, the construction firm generates an annual turnover of £120m from its head office, alongside a second base in Wolverhampton.

Steve Speller took retirement at the end of last year, with current pre-construction director James Speller now being named managing director.

Andy Metcalfe said: "We are extremely proud to have managed an incredible family of staff for the better part of three decades. However, over recent years, both Steve and I have been moving away from the coalface of company management, with Steve taking full retirement at the end of last year.

"For both of us this has been made easier by the fact that a natural transition to a new management has been taking place. James is an instinctive leader who we have recognised as assuming the role of managing director over the last few years.

"As a result of his leadership, we have successfully navigated our way through the pandemic and are in an enviable position of strength two years on. Holding key experience and the right aptitude, we are delighted that having relinquished our MD responsibilities, we can now formally recognise his achievements by announcing him as Speller Metcalfe's managing director."

James will continue to have an active director role, supporting the management of special projects and assisting the leadership team on the executive board of directors.

James Speller said: "Our aim is to build upon Andy and Steve's incredible achievements and continue Speller Metcalfe's journey to establish ourselves as a trusted leader in innovation, collaboration and sustainable construction."

Alongside Speller's appointment, two of the group's long-standing divisional managers - Matthew Bailey and Mark Eaton - will be joining the board as divisional directors from April. This follows the appointment of Judith Lewis to finance director and Chris Short to non-executive director in November last year.