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In Summary

General | 12th July 2017
With around 245,000 premises now connected to fibre broadband, it's time to get set for a superfast summer!
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In Detail

The Superfast Worcestershire Broadband Programme summer newsletter is now available.

In this edition of the newsletter, find out if your premises will benefit from the programme's £3.7 million ‘Gainshare’ expansion.

The network expansion will begin in autumn this year, and complete around December 2018, so if you aren't currently able to upgrade to faster fibre broadband find out if you will be able to in the near future.

Around 245,000 premises in Worcestershire are able to connect to fibre broadband. Of these, over 65,500 premises are able to connect as a result of the Superfast Worcestershire Broadband Programme, and the number continues to rise.

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